MugSwap 2013 ~ Instagram

over the summer i came across a photo of a mug swap on instagram! i think it was a photo from the fabulous Jamie of Raising Up Rubies.  i knew instantly i was in! i’m a totally coffee junkie! after explaining my love of vintage mugs i received the most awesome vintage mug from Holly in Texas! she included coffee, biscotti and little gifts for my girls too! her note was genuine and i knew i had made an instant long distance instagram friend! and because i couldn’t decide on one mug to send off for Kelly (who i was paired up with), i sent her two and of course some Tim Hortons coffee to enjoy in them! Kim from runs this fabulous program and i thank her so much for organizing it all!  in a nut shell i loved the entire #mugswap2013 process and can’t wait to participate in #mugswap2014!


so beautiful! :)

that mug is amazing.
i haven’t seen anything like it.
except it reminds me of some of the vintage christmas decorations my grandma has in her house – with the gold lame.
love it all. :)

thanks for being a part of it!

oh dear me! i am in love with that gold deer mug! so fun!!

what an amazing vintage mug!! so unique and fun. :)

Friends & Niagara Falls ~ Light Inspired Film Circle

i was lucky enough to have my Light Inspired friend Felicia and her wonderful family come for a visit last month.  we had a couple of fantastic days together!  here’s some film photos from our trip to Niagara Falls.  it was the first time they had seen the falls and we all just loved them!



 for more awesome film photography, visit my friend Stacy Pederson Photography and check out her beautiful work!

Stacy Pederson

Oh Amanda, how fun was that. Looks like you two had a great visit together. I would love to go to Niagara Falls one day. It looks amazing.

August InBeTween Blog Circle ~ Franklinville, NY Photography

for this month’s InBetween blog circle with Light Inspired i decided to share some film scans of my girls on our recent trip to new york city!  i didn’t carry around my big girl camera but decided my rollei was the lighter way to go!  so film photography it was and what a great weekend we had!  ave loved all the shopping options while syd was fascinated with toy stores and candy shops!  we drank starbucks way too many times and had such a fun weekend with my sister and niece!

now please continue in our blog circle and visit the page of Amanda Adams Photography!

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Oh these are gorgeous….Looks like so much fun!

Looks like you did have a wonderful time and great weather!!

Pool fun ~ family Franklinville, NY

it’s been a HOT summer so far!  earlier this month i decided to order an underwater camera so we could capture some of the fun moments in the pool!  i decided on an Olympus Tough camera (in a pretty blue color) and these were all taken on it’s first trip into the pool!  my niece and older daughter had a blast playing around with the camera!  i took most of these photos but the girls also took some of each other!  now we just need them to open their eyes underwater!