Spring Nature on Film ~ Franklinville, NY Photography

taking photos of nature on film is one of my many passions!
nature on film can be so beautiful!
these photos were all taken in the early spring season when nature was just coming to life!
all were taken with my favorite film camera…a vintage rolleiflex tlr





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The light in these is fantastic!

You’re making me want one of these cameras!!!

Hillary O'Dell

I loooooove these!!! The light is beyond perfect :)

Stacy Pederson

Wow, I just love the orange tones from the sunset.

Lesley M

I had to show my mom these while i was at her house because they are just so beautiful and, yes, amazing!!!

Who Took These Photos??? ~ Franklinville NY Photography

i recently purchased a vintage camera at a thrift store in Springville, NY. it’s a Kodak and is stamped No.1A Kodex. it had a roll of film in it that i just had to get developed! the roll of film itself appeared to be pretty old but undamaged! after sending the roll of film off to a lab this is what i received! these photos amazed me! i’d love to find the people in the photos or relatives who can cherish these also!

Jenn A

that is too too cute. a lil father son hunting trip. I like to pretend it was their first time out :)

Lea D

This is so cool. I don’t live too far from Franklinville. I found an old roll of film the other day and now I wish I would have had it developed.

Her Favorites ~ Light Inspired InBetween ~ Franklinville Photography

it’s that time again to document my tween girl for the Light Inspired InBeTween blog circle!

my girl is really in love with two things…

her puppy and ice cream!

she reads books to her and cuddles her whenever puppy allows!

and loves her ice cream almost every day!



now follow the circle by visiting my friend Lara Gowder’s blog post!

Love these images. So sweet!

awww love love love these! :) my tween has a puppy too and they are the best of buds. it made me smile to see your daughter eating icecream like that. i eat my ben and jerrys out of the pint too! :) hehehe.
LOVELY images! :)

Pure awesome!

Emily S

What a sweet set of images!